Today’s Consumer and Technology, The Impact of COVID-19

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Today's Consumer and Technology, The Impact of COVID-19 In my latest book, Solutions for Disrupting Disruption, COVID-19 Handbook, The Essential Guide for Brands and Businesses, I talk about the fact that COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on American consumers. One is economic, with a widening income gap that is leading to dual growth in discount shopping and luxury spending. And another is technological empowerment. Today’s consumers like grab-and-go, scan-and-go, curbside pickup and frictionless checkout. They are exploring mobile apps with AR to try cosmetics and they go to Virtual Stores to buy products in the real and virtual worlds. [...]

Gustie Creative at SUP-X 2018

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Our recent day at SUP-X, a start up expo held in Fort Lauderdale, FL was fantastic! Lots of interest in Create Disruptive Retail. Many visitors to our booth have enjoyed experiences with disruptive retail,  such as shopping at a Pop Up Store, Food Truck or using an Interactive Kiosk, and they added personal details to our conversations on design, retail, online and offline shopping and technology. In this "before" photo, I'm gearing up for the crowd with complimentary issues of Simply the Best magazine that include our articles on disruptive retail, designer cloth bags from ShopSmall  as Gustie Creative is a Neighborhood [...]

Voice Makes Summer Shopping a Breeze

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While shopping online can be quick and easy, summer shopping is better offline, getting out and about, exploring new retail destinations and experiences. In other words, summer is a great time to enjoy disruptive retail! Today, with the benefit of a voice assistant on your smartphone, in your car, in your house, or the office, it has never been easier to find a fun new disruptive retail experience. Read our latest article, "A Summer Guide to Disruptive Retail; Let Your Voice Assistant Lead the Way" and share your comments, and hopefully experiences, below. Cheers! Karen  


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