We have spent the last decade researching in order to create easy to use, entertaining, and beneficial products for you. We want to offer our unique curation of Disruptive Retail strategies (pillars) and design icons (paths) so that you can find solutions that work for you in today’s ever-changing retail environment. With this in mind, we developed CEECDR™ (Curated Experiential Environments to Create Disruptive Retail) our exclusive and proprietary process for Disruptive Retail solutions. Curation is important, as most brands and businesses are overwhelmed with choices and our exclusive curation has selected the best and most actionable solutions for you to use. Gustie is pleased to be headquartered at Global Ventures at FAU in The Research Park at Florida Atlantic University.



A curation of Disruptive Retail strategies and design paths that lead to solutions that work in today’s ever-changing business environment.

CEECDR™ is based on our expertise in commercial design and specialization in retail design strategy. Our process has been defined and honed by ten years of dedicated research of consumer shopping habits, new design concepts, retail trends, emerging retail technologies and new shopping applications. CEECDR™ is updated by our ongoing research of the latest news and innovations in design, retail, strategy and technology.

The benefit of CEECDR™ for you is ease of use in navigating our proprietary marketing strategies (pillars), design icons (paths), creative design solutions, and custom learning tools. You can easily discover how Disruptive Retail can benefit you brand, business, agency or nonprofit organization.


At Gustie, we are experts in Disruptive Retail. Our passion is crafting creative, unique, and market driven solutions for brands and businesses to move from online-to-offline with ease. 

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The Definitive Guides to Disruptive Retail

The Definitive Guides to Disruptive Retail feature our proprietary marketing strategies, curated design paths, and custom learning tools. We offer a series of five workbooks:

The Definitive Guides to Disruptive Retail are step-by-step design and strategy workbooks for you to use to find solutions that work for your needs.

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DisruptShop Workshops

Each DisruptShop Workshop is an engaging and educational digital journey into emerging trends and technologies in Disruptive Retail.

We share practical tactics to reinvent the in-store experience, best practices to follow in the era of COVID-19, creative strategies for online-to-offline retailing and the new technologies that today’s entrepreneurs, retailers, and owners/operators are incorporating to delight and engage clients, customers and consumers.

The Disruptive Retail Workbook is a crucial guide for retailers to better engage consumers who are ever more discerning and ever more informed. Small business is the bedrock of the U.S. economy and retailers’ interactions with the consumer drive almost 3/4 of economic activity: this guide enables retailers to anticipate change and better address consumers’ future needs.

If you want to reach more clients this step by step guide goes beyond the mall and into a multitude of strategies to reach new customers through disruptive retail. Well thought out and highly recommended!

Fabien Bourdon, Vicatio

I am proud to be involved with Gustie, a forward thinking group that is bringing paradigm bending ideas and technologies to what was previously considered the old school world or marketing and commercial interior design.

Howard Gitten, Intellectual Property Attorney

Gustie is an award winning design consultancy that elevates the human experience with disruptive design and creative retail solutions.

Our passion is crafting creative, unique, and market driven solutions for brands and businesses to move from online-to-offline with ease. We are proud to create winning solutions that drive results and grow business.


Our clients include Direct-to-Consumer Startups, Independent Brands, Sole Proprietors, Small-to-Large Businesses, Creative Agencies, Non-Profit Organizations,  Real Estate Firms, Commercial Landlords, Property Development Companies and Economic Development Teams.