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In our Creator DisruptShop Workshop, we present trending disruptive retail solutions and creative online-to-offline strategies. We share exclusive insights on disruptive retail and the latest online-to-offline solutions used by today’s brands and businesses. Visit What is Disruptive Retail to learn more.

This DisruptShop Workshop is a digital presentation of disruptive retail solutions and trends based on our CEECDR™ research. You will learn creative strategies for online-to-offline retailing and new technologies that today’s entrepreneurs, retailers, and owners/operators are incorporating to delight and engage clients, customers and consumers.

By attending our Creator DisruptShop Workshop, you will benefit from an overview of solutions we have developed to grow your brand or business in these challenging times.

This is a virtual event and cost includes a digital download of Solutions for Disrupting Disruption, The Essential Guide for Brands and Businesses.

Sign up now! Attendance is limited to 20 people.

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