Create Meta Retail is your exclusive online source for solutions to grow your brand or business in the Metaverse. In today’s technology driven world, it offers new solutions based in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and gamification to create Virtual Stores and other types of Metaverse retailing. Create Meta Retail is your exclusive source for new ways to engage with clients, customers and consumers.

Create Meta Retail, Altered Realities Workbook

We hope that you make Create Meta Retail your go-to online source for Disruptive Retail resources and solutions in the metaverse.

Create Meta Retail is a mobile design platform that interacts with our Disruptive Retail workbooks so you can explore, learn, share and create, on the go.

Gain insight from our resources and solutions so that you can find the best ways to grow your brand or business in the metaverse.

Create Meta Retail will launch in August 2022. You can signup to receive occasional updates and launch notifications in your inbox!

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