Disruptive Retail Trends in 2022

If you are like me, you probably cannot wait to get 2021 behind you! We are already looking toward the New Year of 2022 here at Gustie Creative and to wrap up this year, I’m delighted to share the holiday issue of Simply The Best magazine. This is always a fantastic issue to read, with interesting celebrity interviews and rich insight on the South Florida lifestyle. This issue features my latest Good Advice article, “Trending in 2022; Disruptive Retail is Thriving.”

Due to the lasting effects of the coronavirus pandemic on consumer behavior, it is estimated that more than 60% of us have changed our shopping habits. We have embraced ecommerce and found new ways to shop online. At Gustie Creative, we see trends in Disruptive Retail that bridge online-to-offline shopping continue to thrive. Disruptive Retail will be prominent in fulfilling and uplifting our shopping expectations and experiences in 2022. Where ecommerce was generally 10% or less of average sales pre-COVID-19, it quickly became the only revenue lifeline when brick-and-mortar operations were shut down. Since physically reopening stores, businesses are realizing putting the ecommerce genie back into the bottle is not only impossible, but also not practical. Consumers have adapted quicker than imagined to transacting online with some of us venturing into Virtual Stores and virtual worlds, and they aren’t reverting now.

Businesses, big and small, are incorporating Disruptive Retail practices to both survive and thrive during COVID-19, many of which will continue well after the pandemic is over. It is not just products, but services that are leaving the confines of the store and making the consumer experience more convenient, accessible, and immediate…

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I’m interested to learn how you have changed your shopping habits over the past two years.  Feel free to post your comments below and let’s start a thoughtful conversation.