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Retail Design Strategy

At Gustie, we Design for Today. We get to know you and your company. We take time to understand your unique goals and needs. We work with you to grow your business in a healthy way. 

A Few of our Services include:
Value Propositions for Brand or Business
Value Propositions for Consumers
Competitive Analysis
Proprietary Marketing Drivers
Proprietary Marketing Strategies
Targeted Paths of Design
Transform / Interact / Return Planning Cycle
Conceptual Store Design
Recommend Store Locations
Sustainability Profile


Our Expert Manual

The Definitive Guide to Disruptive Retail© is an expert manual that, in an informative and in-depth way, explores the history of the rise of Disruptive Retail. 

Our proprietary mix of targeted marketing strategies and exclusive curation of design solutions is covered in detail. 

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Strategic Marketing

We are passionate about creating connected interactions with all of your omni-channel touchpoints to offer integrated and unique user experiences to consumers. 

A Few of our Services include:
Analytics Profile
IoT Assessment
Targeted Site Selection
Competitive Store Analysis
Social Media Marketing Plan
IoT Floorplan
Coordination with Leasing Agent
Coordination of Store Opening(s)
Lead Retrieval/Remarketing
Store/Customer Audit
Sustainability Assessment

Thought Leadership

We are highly sought after for speaking engagements and written articles due to our expertise in disruptive design, retail design strategy, and design innovation with augmented reality and virtual reality. 

Our founder, Karen S. Herman, is an active member of the RetailWire BrainTrust and participates often in discussions on today's retail landscape and issues facing retailers

Click on the images below for Karen's latest commentary on RetailWire and Gustie's Design Blog and read her current article in Simply the Best magazine. 

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Gustie's Design Blog

Our Article in Simply The Best Magazine

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